We manufacture interior and exterior decorative Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) elements. We work closely with architects and designers to produce structural and non-structural architectural products and attachments methods for each project.

The use of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) in Architecture

The ability of Fiberglass to be molded to complex and infinite shapes, its low maintenance (rust free) characteristics, and the option to pre-finish the product, makes it an ideal material for many Architectural uses.

It is lightweight (2 lbs/sq.ft at 1/4” thickness). Cannot be damaged by insects or termites. Offers low cost installation and requires reduced structural support. Handling of Fiberglass product parts is much easier. No need to paint although painting is possible. The surface layer of polyester gel coat does not peel or flake as paints do, and this layer can be pigmented with standard or custom color to suit your design. The addition of UV stabilizers prevents color fading and deterioration, giving Fiberglass products outstanding weather-ability. When required, flame and smoke retardant and other additives may be used to enhance the composite's properties.

Fiberglass is a superior building material with very high strength per dollar cost.

We can manufacture fiberglass products for any architectural project and are only limited by the scope of the architect's imagination. We can provide a complete package including installation and as much or as little design support as may be required. Our fiberglass products are unparalleled in their beauty, longevity, and strength and are the answer to many maintenance problems. Fiberglass ornamentation beautifully enhances the appearance of any structure.

Bring us your plans or ideas and we will work with you applying our knowledge and experience in the construction and design of your product. If needed we will work with you to develop prototypes or modify your existing design.


FRP columns for Bath City Hall building
FRP columns for Bath City Hall building.

For ALKO CONSTRUCTION we manufactured for the VENETIAN all the Decorative Arcades placed on the front  of the building and also the roof garden brackets.
For ALKO CONSTRUCTION we manufactured  all the Decorative Arcades placed on the front of the building and also the roof garden brackets.


Arcades, Arches, Balconies, Balustrades, Bays, Ceilings, Columns, Concrete forms, Cornices, Cupolas, Decorative, Features, Domes, Doorways, Dormers, Facades, Fountains, Gateways, Hoods, Pavilions, Pedestals, Planters, Porches, Stairs, Spheres, Wall Decorating panels.