The use of Fiberglass in the Marine industry

We have been in the boat building Industry for over 40 years and many times we have Architects and Engineers asking us to build custom fiberglass products for them. A boat builder knows very well the use of Fiberglass. His experience and knowledge is very extensive.

You very often see boatbuilders, successfully being involved in the production and engineering of Fiberglass (FRP) industrial products. Over the years hundreds of boats ranging in size from 31' to 65' feet have been built and sail the world's Oceans and Seas. Good, solid boats, sold at affordable prices.

Custom fiberglass boats & boat parts. We create the design, tooling and the manufacturing.

FW is proud to present to you our newest product, the Alpha42 Cruising Catamaran. Originally founded as Atlantic Yachts more than 30 years ago in Greece, we were one of the biggest manufacturers of yachts and eclipsed well known giants such as Benetau and Janneau. We have unsurpassed experience in high tech composite manufacturing for large government organizations such as NASA, the US military and large luxury resorts.

We will do the same for you, bring your boat plans or ideas and we will work with you, applying our knowledge and experience, in the construction and design of your marine product. If needed we will work with you to develop prototypes or modify your existing design.



We are the proud builder of Alpha42 Cruising Catamaran.
We are the proud builder of Alpha42 Cruising Catamaran.


sea hummer
We are also builders of the Pilot House Boat Atlantic Sea Hummer.